CD Presentation: Artistry in Broken Rhythm


Metropolis Jazz is proud to present its first edition in 2018, Nikolov-Ivanović Undectet – Artistry in Broken Rhythm. One of the most ambitious jazz projects in the entire history of jazz on the Balkans brings together the talents of Vladimir Nikolov and Srđan Ivanović with nine top musicians from the younger and middle generation from seven European countries. The authors found initial inspiration in the famous traditional jazz works – “Artistry in Rhythm” by Stаn Kenton and “Birth of the Cool”, by Miles Davis and friends, building contemporary orchestrated music with high intensity and deep emotions, in the colors and rhythms of various continents, from New York to the Balkans.

The seed of the project was sown in the middle of last decade in the Netherlands, where Nikolov and Ivanović studied, while the title track by Vladimir Nikolov “Artistry and Broken Rhythm” won the Silesian Jazz Festival award in Katowice in 2016. The “broken rhythm” signifies the accentuated intention of the two partners to cross the various rhythmic solutions, even within the same composition, creating ambiences of pronounced tension and aroused excitement. The irresistible solos of the inspired improvisers of the Undectet rise over the splendid orchestration.

Nikolov–Ivanović Undectet are: Vladimir Krnetić – trumpet and flugelhorn, Nemanja Zlatarev – trombone, Jelena Vojvodić – French horn, Miloš Budimirov – tuba, Luka Ignjatović – alto saxophone, Kristijan Mlačak – tenor saxophone, Bojan Cvetinov – baritone saxophone, Mihail Ivanov – bass, Marko Živadinović – accordion, and the two leaders, Vladimir Nikolov – piano and Srđan Ivanović – drums. The album Artistry in Broken Rhythm (Metropolis Jazz, 2018) contains ten compositions with total duration of 59 minutes. Three titles are written by Ivanović, and the other seven by Nikolov, who also wrote all of the arrangements. More detailed info on this project here.

The CD Presentation is scheduled for February 8, 2018 in Metropolis Music, Makedonska 21 in Belgrade, Serbia.