Pančevo Jazz Festival, 3 November 2017

The title is homage to the legendary “New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm” by Stan Kenton; the music is fresh, and a very subtle compound of modern “broken” rhythm, developed by drummer Srđan Ivanović, and contemporary compositions and arrangements, written by Vladimir Nikolov. The ensemble instrumentation is another kind of tribute in itself, to the legendary “Birth of the Cool” ensemble with french horn and tuba, again with a twist – added tenor sax and accordion to the line-up. The aim is to bring the old passion for writing for medium-to-large ensembles in a new setting, but not in a typical “arranged standards” manner; rather as an organic whole. The title composition “Artistry in Broken Rhythm” has been awarded a third prize at a composition competition in Katowice, Poland last year.

Nikolov-Ivanović Undectet is an ensemble consisted of highly proclaimed young jazz musicians from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, some of them residing in France, Italy and Austria, with old ties to the Netherlands:

Luka Ignjatović – alto sax
Kristijan Mlačak – tenor sax
Bojan Cvetinov – baritone sax
Marko Đorđević – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jelena Vojvodić – french horn
Nemanja Zlatarev – trombone
Miloš Budimirović – tuba
Mihail Ivanov – bass
Marko Živadinović – accordion
Vladimir Nikolov – piano, compositions/arrangements
Srđan Ivanović – drums, compositions