Nikolov-Ivanović Undectet: Artistry in Broken Rhythm

Brave and intriguing performance deserving future hearings.

Jazz Journal UK – England

Sophisticated and carefully orchestrated.

Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji – Poland

The relationship between tradition and modern, “good old” times and contemporary approach to music – is the turning point of the whole present and future jazz scene. Is there a golden mean, a ground on which these two seemingly opposed tendencies meet and coexist?

The eleven-piece band of pianist and composer Vladimir Nikolov and drummer Srđan Ivanović seems to be trying to provide an answer to this question. Two Balkan musicians of the younger generation with respectable foreign careers are the right choice for this kind of experiment. While Nikolov is prominent in his arranging/composing work with world orchestras and ensembles, active on film projects such as Oscar-winning “The Artist”, Ivanović is somewhat more active in smaller formations. The audience knows him as the leader of the band Blazin Quartet, presenting the original vision of joining modern European jazz with Balkan influences.

The title of “Artistry in Broken Rhythm” is a homage to the legendary album by Stan Kenton, pointing out Ivanović’s contemporary rhythmic structure as well as the like arrangements and compositions by Nikolov. Instead of the arranged standards that we are accustomed to by traditional Big Bands, this great orchestra brings a fresh and original approach to “old” music.

Live at Pančevo Jazz Festival 2017
The making of “Artistry in Broken Rhythm”

Nikolov-Ivanović Undectet is an ensemble consisted of highly proclaimed young jazz musicians from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, some of them residing in France, Italy and Austria, with old ties to the Netherlands:

Luka Ignjatović – alto sax
Kristijan Mlačak – tenor sax
Bojan Cvetinov – baritone sax
Vladimir Krnetić – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jelena Vojvodić – french horn
Nemanja Zlatarev – trombone
Miloš Budimirov – tuba
Mihail Ivanov – bass
Marko Živadinović – accordion
Vladimir Nikolov – piano, compositions/arrangements
Srđan Ivanović – drums, compositions

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